GroundSwell Networks' business communications solutions, whether on-site or in the cloud, exploit the power of IP with Unified Communications tools that can be available to anyone in your organization.


GroundSwell Networks brings these solutions into a seamless business environment where they become powerful communications tools for collaborating and sharing information quickly and efficiently. Our solution recommendations have the options for built-in unified communications that allow both on-site and remote users to see who is available at any given moment, and decide how best to reach them. With less time spent playing phone-tag, everyone can get real business done.


Unified Communications streamlines all of your business communication tools into one simple, fast, and efficient communications platform. It integrates data and voice communications, applications, and devices through a common interface to make it easier to locate people, initiate calls, retrieve messages and collaborate on projects. GroundSwell Networks' UC Solutions can include -


         • Hosted IP PBX and Premise based Phone Systems

         • Messaging

         • Web, Audio and Video Conferencing

         • Presence management

         • Mobility

         • Contact Center Solutions

         • Collaboration


Why Unified Communications for your Business?


Your business depends on effective communication with partners, employees, customers and vendors. Today countless options are available – E-mail, Instant Message, Web Conferencing, Presence, Voicemail, Cell Phone, Business Phone, Video, Fax, etc. All can help your business, but most were not designed to work together. Unified communications integrates communications, applications, and devices through a common communications system which translates into an interface that makes it effortless to find people, launch calls, retrieve messages, collaborate and communicate.


Why choose GroundSwell Networks as your UC Consultant?


In order to acquire the best UC solution, GroundSwell Networks will help guide you through the chaotic process of answering questions like -


• Do I want to own my next phone system or lease?

• Should I go with a Hosted or a Premise based phone system?

• Based on my locations, what are my best options for bandwidth – Copper, Ethernet, Cable, Fiber?

• What type of Disaster Recovery Plan should I design?

• Should I go with SIP, PRI or Analog for voice and fax?

• What is the base way to network my satellite offices?


At GroundSwell Networks, we look to understand your business in its entirety and recommend a solution that fits within your budget and performs to your expectations.

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