SIP Trunking, PRI, Local & Long Distance


GroundSwell Networks offers voice trunking options that serve the needs of any small to enterprise level organization.  From POTS, PRI, SIP and, Local and Long Distance, GroundSwell Networks can consider all options and recommend a flexible combination so you, the customer, do not have to worry about being “pigeon holed” into a one size fits all design.



We offer solutions that can dramatically decrease cost, improve performance and increase capacity. Options like unlimited Local and Long distance calling, pre-paid usage options and the centralization of nationwide local numbers, ensures that you receive a manageable and predictable monthly operating expense for your telecommunication services.


SIP is gradually becoming the leading technology behind Voice Trunking, BYOD, Unified Communications and Mobility however, older modem and fax technology is still being utilized by the vast majority of businesses. We understand this at GroundSwell Networks, and can design a solution that allows your organization to take advantage of SIP and still keep in place older communications like fax, credit card and modem.



Benefits of SIP Trunking vs. ISDN PRI

• Reduce Usage Costs –Save more on monthly telecom costs. SIP will allow for consolidation of DID numbers into a single location eliminating the need to for expensive trunking and phone equipment at satellite or home offices.

• Aggregation - Centralize administration of local numbers and trunks at each satellite location.

• Reduction - Elimination of multiple lines at each satellite location.

• Scalable - Purchase the exact number of call paths needed and easily expand or contract capacity as required by your business. ISDN PRI scales in increments of 23 call paths vs. increments of 1 in the SIP world. SIP also allows you to add DIDs in increments of one vs. PRI which requires a block of 20.

• Flexible– SIP allows for shared communication across a single IP connection. This allows voice and data communications to be consolidated to a single network link vs. PRI which does not allow for Internet/data communications.


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