When considering the best possible Telecom and IT solution for your business, it is equally as important to consider the financial impact of the solution over the long term. At GroundSwell Networks, we evaluate these options and make financial recommendations that ensure thoughtful consideration is not only placed on the technology recommended, but also on how it is acquired.


Until recently, organizations have acquired their communications systems by either cash purchase or a capital lease. However, in our analysis and recommendation, GroundSwell Networks will consider several key factors when acquiring new technology. Here are a few valuable and relevant considerations when evaluating -


• Phone equipment is a depreciating asset, and the cost of resources and maintenance increases over time

• A Hosted or Premised Phone System can be booked as an Off-balance sheet operating expense with no amortization

• Capital expenditures are best invested in revenue-generating initiatives that increase in value

• Unanticipated expenditures due to outdated technology can negatively disrupt cash flow and revenues

• (And one of the most overlooked considerations) Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has become an important tool for assessing and tracking the risks, costs and benefits of a Telecommunications solution under evaluation. GroundSwell Networks' TCO assessment and analysis enables organizations to compare competing solutions on equal footing—Apples to Apples—and align those solutions with business goals, and understand their effects on future decisions and requirements.

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