Audio, Video & Web Conferencing

GroundSwell Networks' conferencing services include audio, video and web conferencing solutions to help you conduct business from anywhere and at any time. We can keep meetings flexible and efficient, and empower our customers and partners to meet at a moment’s notice without letting distance get in the way. Reduce travel expenses associated with employee, vendor and customer facing meetings. When it comes to collaborating, GroundSwell Networks' Audio, Video and Web Conferencing services are a simple and effective means for your business to take care of communications.


GroundSwell Networks' Audio Conferencing service allows you to connect with anyone around the world at a moment’s notice. Audio Conferencing is simplified with important features like security, global conferencing dial-in numbers, recordings, and in-conference user functionality.


• Global Reach– Conferencing dial-in numbers for worldwide reach, local convenience and unmatched reliability.

• Security Features– Multi-level pass-codes help you maintain chairperson control and conferenced security.

• Adaptability– Up to 500-line subscriptions, multiple-language prompts and recording capabilities are all available.

• Single Dial-In and Flexible Access Codes– Instant, reservation-less audio conferencing and a consistent user experience.

• Conference Portal– Manage your account options and user information and leverage tutorials to support improved conference performance.


GroundSwell Networks' Web conferencing provides creative, convenient video conferencing services to visually connect your business offices, employees, customers and partners. With web conferencing solutions, your employees can work collaboratively creating documents, conducting web meetings, sharing desktops and executing webinars, all while making their presentations in a secure and safe environment. GroundSwell Networks' easy-to-use web collaboration services can connect your business anywhere in the world. Enhance your effectiveness and grow with web conferencing solutions to meet your needs and budget requirements.


• Easy to use– Conduct web conferences with a simple point-and-click user interface.

• Virtual Online Content Sharing– Show and share presentation documents, slides, video clips, desktop, screen sharing and other images to enrich your web conferencing call.

• Q & A– Manage questions and answers in real time during your meeting.

• Meeting Management– Handle your meetings with simple on-line commands.

• On-Demand Record or Play Back– On-demand recording features let you save synchronized audio and visual content for playback at your convenience. You can jump to specific slides in the recording with synchronized audio/web playback.


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