Assess, Analyze, Align, Achieve & Administer



At GroundSwell Networks, our goal is to help you gain valuable insight into your current Telecommunications environment and develop a plan to optimize, control and lower your overall Telecom costs. We have several steps to our strategy for implementing an improved solution for our clients and prospects -



Assess your goals as an organization and as an IT department.

• Provide an accurate and in-depth financial Analysis of your current communications network and associated costs.

Align your organization's strategies and goals with the optimal communications solution.

• Recommend a solution and manage the implementation to Achieve optimal results.

Administer and manage Telecom inventory and associated costs from a single web-based unified portal.


As part of our in-depth analysis and assessment we will capture and analyze all of your critical data to help you pay less and achieve optimum results. We will manage all your telecommunications invoices from - contract start date through installation. We’ll also continue to manage the inventory, maintenance costs and all one-time or recurring costs associated with telecommunications services.  GroundSwell Networks manages expenses from A to Z so you, the customer, can relax and focus on your specialty - your business.


With GroundSwell Networks managing your telecommunication services, you can optimize and gain increased visibility into your telecommunications spend across all areas from - Local, Long Distance, Internet, Data, Conferencing, Phone System Support, and Maintenance and Wireless. We optimize your service's performance and work to reduce, eliminate and control all the expenses associated with communications networks.


GroundSwell Networks also provides customers with a web-based Telecom Asset Manager which is a hosted software service designed to streamline business processes and to provide customers a managed service offering that gives instant visibility to all communications services. From the home office, to a single cell phone, to a headquarters' office, we can help identify opportunities for optimization and savings.

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